A.I. resources: 5 top picks

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Our successful March 4/24 A.I. PD Webinar – “Using & Understanding AI in the K-12 Curriculum” yielded a rich list of favorite AI resources from K-12. Here are 5 top favorites:

Hemingway – An app that makes writing shorter & more concise. (from Diana Maliszewski)

Akinator – fantastic game for kids G2-8 to understand AI, lots of fun, also a great way to use time with friends when you have time to spare! (from Diana Maliszewski)

Government of Canada’s Guide on the use of Generative AI – Challenges, Opportunities, & Recommended Approaches. (from Diana Maliszewski)

Find Keywords – Reduces text to just the keywords. Also extracts any provided links into a separate list. (from Peter Beens)

Critical Thinking Questions for Educators – Submit text or a URL and it will generate critical thinking questions for you to use. (from Peter Beens)


Diana and Peter may also be found lurking in their popular blogsites:

Diana: https://mondaymollymusings.blogspot.com/

Peter: https://www.beens.ca/







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