Engaging Grade 8 FSL learners through podcasting by Leanne Gabriele

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Leanne Gabriele is an Elementary teacher in the District School Board of Niagara, and a recent grad from AML’s AQ.

This experiential learning opportunity allows second language learners to practice multiple literacies – media literacy, French language literacy, listening, speaking and writing.

Students will gain proficiency in conducting mock interviews through Audacity for podcasting, fostering critical thinking for idea generation, information gathering, and content organization. The emphasis is on clear communication, audience consideration, and proper language usage. As well, they will reflect on disparities between written and oral interviews, deepening their grasp of the medium while acquiring practical skills in interview composition and podcast production. This approach enhances critical thinking, communication, and reflective abilities.

Here is Leanne’s reflection on this lesson plan experience:

*A Personal Reflection on Challenges:

“Several personal challenges emerged. First, mastering the intricacies of ‘Audacity’ proved to be a learning curve, requiring perseverance. As well, sourcing a high-quality microphone is essential for ensuring the clarity of student podcasts, adding an extra layer of preparation. Finding a suitable, quiet recording space amidst the hustle and bustle of the school environment also presented logistical hurdles. Finally, motivating students to conduct interviews in French demanded creative strategies and ongoing encouragement to build confidence in language skills.

However, the experience of navigating through these challenges fostered my professional growth, and enriched the overall teaching experience as well as my students’ learning.”

You can access the pdf of Leanne’s lesson here:


**This lesson is easily scalable through Secondary level.


*image URL: https://shorturl.at/uvyJ6

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