Fake News Triangle

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What is new about fake news? As with all news in the 21st Century, it is more frequent, easier to encounter but harder to verify. Where once professional editors filtered news for accuracy and honesty, we more often find that we have to perform that job ourselves.

In its continuing efforts to support media literacy and the critical thinking that drives it, The Association for Media Literacy invites you to use the questions in this triangle to assess the news you encounter and formulate your responses to it.

Click a term here that represents each side of the Triangle to discover questions that will help you think critically and act responsibly: PRODUCTION, AUDIENCE, TEXT

Click here for a comprehensive Fake News Triangle pdf.


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  • Travis

    Is there also a French version available or do you know where I might be able to find one?

    • Carol Arcus

      I am sorry we have not produced a French version of this triangle.
      But you might check and see of AI might help you out with that.


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