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Cory Antonini, Tech Support Teacher, Regina School Board


How many times to you hear the phrase “in this time of economic uncertainty” from both the American and Canadian governments? This seems to be the current Weapons of mass destruction phrase.

Japan’s stock exchange is on a high, so is Toronto’s and the NY exchange just had its highest close ever! Interests rates are steady. IE is down. Inflation is small but steady. Job growth in the US is up.

Has there ever been a time of economic certainty? The new initiative seems to be keeping people scared of the economic boogie man–certainly makes justifying cuts easier.  Quite smart really, create a fictitious enemy–you don’t even have to invade another country and you can’t get accused of being racist/imperialist/ any other “ist”.

  • Neil Andersen

    What about art ‘ist:’ constructing the monster whom we are told to fear?

    The politics of fear seems to be the Conservative government’s style.

    Immigrants, economy, internet security, etc.

    I’m also bemused at how governments and bankers anthropomorphize the economy.

    They speak of ‘THE ECONOMY’ in ways very similar to ways previous societies referred to angry volcanoes, rain gods, solar eclipses, etc.

    How many must be sacrificed?
    …and why not Senators? 😉

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