It’s All Political: Our Texts, Talk, & Teaching

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This past August, two of our AML board members, Diana and Sarah, had the opportunity to present at the Beginning Teachers Conference. This year, the conference was held virtually via Zoom. Approximately twenty participants showed up to the AML’s session, titled “It’s All Political: Media Literacy and Our Texts, Talk, and Teaching.” The session’s focus was to encourage the re-imagining of what counts as a media text. In this session, elementary and secondary educators had the opportunity to examine how all texts, including classroom routines and expressions, communicate explicit and implicit biases that we need to uncover and challenge. Diana and Sarah provided strategies, practical lessons, and ideas to foster critical media literacy learning. The session also included learning about foundational key concepts in media literacy to recognize and understand ways “media have political and social implications.” Participants were highly engaged, and had positive feedback in response to the session. Here is what a few of them had to say: 

“Excellent speakers with an interactive presentation! I enjoyed the many ideas and resources shared in relation to media literacy. Media is everywhere and is a construct that needs to be consistently questioned and reflected upon.”

“Here I had an opportunity to attend the workshop hosted by Diana and Sarah. Both were great presenters who were able to communicate very well with each-other and the audience.Along with the definition of media, something important to me was the section of 8 key concepts of the Media Literacy and as I reflected a little bit more on that I thought we can add one more: Media impacts the emotional aspect of people.” 

“The importance of becoming aware of my own teaching practice and provided really helpful lessons! Thank you!”

Explore our slide deck from the presentation to learn more.

To check out some of the resources mentioned in the slide deck, visit the follow links.

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