Understanding classic sonnet structure through the fusion of poetry and pop music

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AML is proud to offer the first in a series of media literacy lesson plans. Many of these will integrate ML across the curriculum. This one is situated in Grade Nine English (Ontario), and originates from the creative mind of Sarah Gilpin.

Sarah’s purpose in this lesson is to seamlessly integrate the worlds of poetry and pop music, challenging students to think critically, creatively, and confidently. Through inferencing, students enhance their comprehension of poetry, particularly sonnet structure. Simultaneously, they delve into the intricacies of pop music, engaging in thoughtful analysis of its style, form, and target audiences. Students build confidence as they present their creative ideas to their peers in the form of Pop Sonnets.

Click here to access the pdf of this lesson.

We remind educators that this work is the property of its author. If you would like to copy and/or distribute this material, you may email us here, and we will contact Sarah Gilpin for permission.

This is scalable from Grade 5 (Elementary) through Grade 12 (Secondary).

*The accompanying image originates at https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/74731675055901961/

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