Zombies sell Escape

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A web movie uses a zombie attack to showcase several features of the Ford Escape. You can see it below.

Which features do you notice presented in this spot?

Zombie attacks are usually represented as occurring at night to enhance their horribleness. Why do you think this one occurs in daylight?

Zombies are usually represented as eating brains. Why might Ford have decided to open with a zombie eating a leg rather than a brain?

This spot has sound but no words beyond zombie growls. Why might Ford have avoided words? Is the license plate a clue?

What might be the connection between the events in the movie and the name of the car?

Who is the target audience for this spot? Why might the features appeal to this audience?

Which audiences might be alienated by the events in this spot? Has Ford blundered by alienating these audience members?

Which OTHER products or services might be sold using zombie?

What would those ads look like?




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