Curating at 5

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Jordi is a 5-year-old curator. He asks me how to spell the word that describes the games he is curating (monster, racing, mystery, maze, zombie) and types it into the search field.

He sorts through the games to ensure that they are free (our deal is that he can download free games only) and that the images for the games look compelling. He is very discerning, and only downloads games that pass muster.www

Then he tests the games for playability, often for just a minute. Good ones are kept. He knows how to delete the others.

He has found some terrific games and plays them for days before moving on. But very few are kept for a long time, often discarded when the in-app purchase is required to continue.

He is learning curation skills authentically in real-world searches and for personally-relevant purposes. He has a large reading vocabulary: free, loading, cancel, refresh, play, again, game, over, level, downloading, memory, full, etc.

Imagine what he will be able to do in grade one.

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