It’s Black History Month 2020. Check out AML’s archived resources!

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We know that educators need fun, creative classroom conversations and activities on the intersection of media and our communities of African descent. Please peruse these resources AML has developed for Elementary and Secondary classrooms:

From Memphis to Missouri: Voices and Echoes. This is an exhaustive look at all aspects of race and culture. Suitable to Intermediate and Secondary classrooms.

NFL National Anthem Protests. Neil Andersen offers a rich exploration of this issue, with classroom activities. Elementary and Secondary. (See also Athletes and Protest on this same topic).

Formation & Media Literacy. Using Beyoncé’s Formation video and Superbowl performance to support critical thinking and media literacy. Intermediate and Secondary.

Oral History & Media Messages (ENG4U). An introduction to prepare students for the study of the novel Beloved, students examine oral history and identity through literature, through the use of slave narratives, in order to better understand Black History.

Where are the Super Heroes of Colour? Leasa Adams, Teacher, has often used the theme of Super Heroes to teach media literacy with junior level students.

Representation and White Supremacy in Canada. Stereotypes of race are explored through an exhaustive series of structured Qs. We invite you to consider how race might fit into the conversation. Intermediate and Secondary.

playlist: race & ethnicity in the media The Critical Media Project’s resource offerings are organized into 4 broad categories: race & ethnicity, gender, lgbtq and class. Users will find a collection of texts that might be useful for discussion, with suggested questions and discussion.

Why are there villains? Explore the stereotypes through structured Qs and consider how race might fit into the conversation. Elementary and Secondary.

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